Legal Nurse

A legal nurse consultant (LNC) is a registered nurse who uses expertise as a health care provider and specialized training to consult on medical-related legal cases. LNCs assist attorneys in reading medical records and understanding medical terminology and healthcare issues to achieve the best results for their clients. A legal nurse consultant bridges gaps in an attorney's knowledge. While the attorney is an expert on legal issues, the LNC is an expert on nursing and the health care system. LNCs screen cases for merit, assist with discovery; conduct the existing literature and medical research; review medical records; identify standards of care; prepare reports and summaries on the extent of injury or illness; create demonstrative evidence; and locate or act as expert witnesses. The legal nurse consultant acts as a specialized member of the litigation team whose professional contributions are often critical to achieving a fair and just outcome for all parties.

  • Track 1-1 Ethical issues in legal nursing
  • Track 2-2 Medical practice and linked life insurance
  • Track 3-3 Role of legal nursing
  • Track 4-4 Legal nurse in end-of-life care
  • Track 5-5 The affordable care act and it

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