Speaker Biography

Madhavi Rane Chikhale

Asian Heart Institute and Research Center, India

Title: Nurse, physical ill health : Self care given second priority being a Nurse

Madhavi Rane Chikhale

Mrs.Madhavi has her expertise in training and evaluation. She has proposed, planned and commissioned Simulation lab for 8 hospitals in Maharashtra, India. She has 20+ years experience in healthcare, which is from corporate, state run hospitals and NGOs like Lilavati Hospital & Research Centre,Sir.HN Reliance foundation Hospital, Sir J J Group of hospitals ,Sahyadri Hospitals , Operation Smile and Asian Heart Institute. She has done her Post Graduate Nursing Management studies from London, also is certified for insertion of cvad from Tata institute and completed her MBA I Healthcare from ITM, Mumbai. She has worked as a bedside nurse since 1999-2006.And went on to upgrade her role as a nurse from being a Team leader to Director of Nurssing and also a Group HEAD for largest chain of hospitals in Maharashtra. Mrs.Madhavi is an ultra runner too, she has done several ultra runs ,and longest being 160km Mumbai to Pune Run in Nov 2017.She was the 1st Nurse in India to have attempted such a feat. She is an ambassador for Pinkathon and inspires thousands of women to care for their health. Motivates them by conducting/Facilitating free trainings every Saturday in Mumbai, Pune and London Above all she is a proud mother of 2 kids; her son is doing his NDA preparation.


A study done on nurses in service since 1999 till 2005 revealed that the backbone of any hospital wears off in 6th year of bed side nursing. Major reason for the same being not keeping self as priority, shift duties, being terminal care givers and absence of coping mechanism.

Visible dark circles under eyes, obesity, fake emotions, varicose veins, aching backbone and social disconnect are few of the effects experienced by the nurses all over the globe.

This study concludes that dealing with stress and ventilation mechanism along with self care with physical activities like running, exercise, yoga etc should be made mandate in the nursing training curriculum to enhance the health and keep the backbone of the healthcare system strong.

In India, nursing education is offered either through government-run hospitals or through privately-run clinics. Indian Nursing family advancing slowly towards making their mark in the globally by investing in quality improvement and self sufficiency

The nursing education curriculum includes all the vital and advanced processes of patient and family care.

Any individual undergoing this study is bound to make their career in healthcare.

But sadly, it doesn’t include the self care process for a nurse as she advances into the health care field.

There is no study which the nurse can refer to and learn the coping mechanism in case of the untoward experiences during their practice.

In long term it leads to many negligence towards oneself and pretence of being well.